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Doctor Butcher and Spirits of FIre
Solo Artist
  • 2004 – The Mold EP
  • 2004 – Music Man EP
  • 2005 – Faces
  • 2005 – W.A.R.P.E.D.
  • 2007 – Pins and Needles
  • 2009 – House of Insanity
  • 2015 – Your Heaven Is Real
  • 2018 – The Jester's Court
Solo Artist
  Single Releases
  • 2013 – Death By Design
  • 2013 Glitter
  • 2016 I Never Knew
  • 2016 My Light
  • 2016 Over and Over
  • 2020 S.O.T.S. (Sick Of This Shit)
  • 2023 May Day
With Savatage


With Trans-Siberian Orchestra
With Spirits of Fire
With Metalium
With Big Mouth
  • 1988 – Quite Not Right
Guest Appearances
  • Heaven's "Where Angels Fear to Tread" (wrote the music for "Boy's Night Out")
  • Dirty Looks' "Turn of the Screw"  (featured on "L.A. Anna" and co-writer on "L.A. Anna" and "Turn of the Screw")
  • Sun Red Sun's "Sun Red Sun"
  • Joe Lynn Turner's "Hurry Up and Wait" (featured guitar solo on track "Guilty Heart", backing vocals on ""Game of Rock 'n' Roll")
  • John West's "Earthmaker" album (guitars on all songs and co-writing)
  • Doro's "Fight" (featured on the tracks "Salvaje" and "Descent")
  • T.M. Stevens' "Shocka Zooloo" (featured on the tracks "Thrash" and "No Good W/Out The Bad)
  • Circle II Circle's "Watching in Silence" (featured on the tracks and co-writer of "Out of Reach", "Sea of White" and "Face to Face", co-writer of "Into the Wind")
  • "Slave to the Power: The Iron Maiden Tribute" (featured on the track "Run To The Hills")
  • Jimmy Sturr and His Orchestra's "Rockin' Around with Jimmy" (featured on the track "Detour")
  • Doro's "In Liebe und Freundschaft"
  • Circle II Circle's "The Middle of Nowhere" (co-writer "Open Season", "Cynical Ride", and "Faces in the Dark")
  • Ronnie Munroe's "Lords of the Edge" (co-writing and guitar on "Rock And A Hard Place")
  • Eternal Flight's "Diminished Reality, Elegies And Mysteries (D.R.E.A.M.S.)" (featured on the track "Goodbye")
  • Sandalinas' "Power to the People: The Raw" (featured on the track "Power to the People")
  • Artlantica's "Across the Seven Seas" (featured on the tracks "2012" and "You're Still Away")
  • Craving's "At Dawn" (featured on the track "Targaryen Wrath")
  • Infinite Staircase's "No Amends" (featured on the tracks "No Amends" and "The Things We've Done")
  • Doug Ferony's "The Best of Doug Ferony Volume 1" (featured on the track Glad I'm Livin In The USA")
  • Exxiles' "Oblovion"
  • Kyrie Ellison's "Untold Stories: The Scriptures of Sadness" (featured on the track "Foreseen Destiny")
  • Vivaldi Metal Project's "The Four Seasons"
  • Jimmy Sturr and His Orchestra's "Gonna Be Good Times" (featured on the track "Ring of Fire")
  • Vivaldi Metal Project's "The Extended Sessions"
  • Doro's "Strong and Proud" [featured on the track "Egypt (The Chains Are On)"]
  • Metalville's "Metalville: 10 Years" (featured on the track "My Light")
  • Burning Witches' "The Witch of the North" (featured on the track "Hall of the Mountain King")
  • Exxiles' "Reminiscence: Act II"
  • Alta Reign's "Mother's Day" (featured on the track "Rise")
  • Reverend Jack's "A Mile From Home" (featured on the tracks  "Crawling Inside" and "No Face Race")
  • Between World's "Between Worlds" (featured on the tracks "Scent of an Angel" and "No Escape")
  • Vivaldi Metal Project's "EpiClassica"
  • Alta Reign's "Upon the Horizon" (featured on the track "Beneath the Rose")
  • Quasimodo's "Cancer City" (vocals and lyricist on the track "The Haunting of Man")
  • Ronnie Romero's "Raised on Heavy Metal" (featured on the track "The Shining")
  • John Macaluso's "The Radio Waves Goodbye" (featured on the track "Gates to Bridges")
  • Archon Angel"s "Archon Angel II" (the track "Quicksand" - songwriter)
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